Sherman- Loehr has a standard twelve-month warranty on all tile material and labor installations.  The warranty will commence upon completion of work. The warranty guarantees all installations completed in accordance with project specifications and industry standards.

The warranty will cover the replacement of broken tiles, and grout or caulk touch-ups. These repairs are typically required within the first few months after new construction. This will include broken tile that is a result of the installation, but will not include tiles broken from damage by other trades, or the end customer.  The warranty will not cover the discoloration of grout due to staining, or normal wear and tear. Due to the nature of grout, and the fact that there is slight color aging over time, we cannot guarantee that grout or tile repairs will match exactly to previously installed tile. However, over a matter of months all grout of a specific color has a tendency to age to approximately the same shade.

Based on experience, tile warranty issues are evident within six-months of installation. By handling all repairs at six-month intervals, it is possible to minimize shade variances.

This warranty will cover fabrication and installation of all slab installations. Due to the nature of slab stone, this warranty does not cover natural stone slabs unless provided separately by the actual stone supplier. Quartz slab providers do provide warranties for engineered products. Sherman-Loehr will provide a warranty for installation or fabrication items such as seams, edge details, sink installations, and stone splash transitions.

Customers should keep spare tiles remaining at the completion of the initial work. In some cases, it is advisable to purchase a small quantity to keep on hand for the life of your installation.  Sherman- Loehr receives requests to repair jobs where the damaged tile is no longer available in the market. In these cases tile availability is a major limitation. Additionally, Sherman-Loehr suggests sealing grout and natural stone to assist in protection against permanent stains. Sherman-Loehr can provide information on sealing and service options upon request.

Sherman- Loehr can only provide replacement material that is readily available in the market. In every case Sherman-Loehr recommends and will attempt to offer material from local tile providers with proven performance records in after market service.